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Wireless GPS Car Alarm TK210

Wireless GPS Car Alarm TK210
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1. Arm/disarm by SMS remotely, or by the remote controller of original central

lock system or existing car alarm system, or by phone call.

2. Upgrade the ordinary car alarm to GPS alarm system;

3. Check the car’s real physical address(such as city name, street name..) ;

4. Track by mobile SMS to get the coordinates or the Google map’s URL;

5. Live tracking by web-based tracking center via GPRS network;

6. Track on command or by time interval via SMS/GPRS.

7. Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS;

8. Two-way talking function(optional) & voice monitoring function;

9. Wireless immobilizer which will kill the engine secretly & reliably;

10. Vibration alert, door opening alert and ignition on alert;

11. Power cut-off alert & low power alert;

12. Movement alert;

13. Geo-fence alert (radius range: 0.1~99KM);

14. Over-speed alert (speed range:1~999km/h);

15. SOS button to call for help in case of emergency;

16. Inbuilt 4Mb data logger to store the offline GPS data where there is no GSM coverage;

17. Mileage calculation function (=odometer)

18. Built-in rechargeable backup battery; when the car battery is cut off or

damaged, the built-in 580mAH backup battery can work for emergency check,

and the system will send out power failure alert immediately.

19. Two kinds of location information; user can check the GPS latitude, longitude, speed, direction. If there is no GPS signal, user could also locate the car by GSM base station code (the GSM operator’s support is needed)

20. Power save design, the power consumption is very low.

21. Strong ability of anti-tamper. In arming status, the engine will be locked, even the main unit is completely destroyed, there is no way to start the car.




Standard package:

Main unit 1pc

GSM antenna 1pc

GPS antenna 1pc

Microphone 1pc

Immobilizer 1pc

SOS button 1pc

Wirings 1pc



Optional accessories:

Speaker for two-way voice talking

Six-tone siren

Remote control with/without key

RF receiving chip