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Online Tracking Software TS03

Online Tracking Software TS03
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Functions and Features:

1. BS structure designed with Java, fast access & stable, friendly interface for easy use.

2. Live tracking, arm/release alarm, stop the car, etc.

3. History stored & playback, alarm history review

4. Flexible operation, user can define the content of any alarm & input status freely. 

5. Report function: movement report, alarm report, history report, RUN/STOP report,speed report.

6. English/Chinese/Customized language accepted.

7. Send email to warn user case of alarm. user can define to send which type alarm, and send to which emails

8. Strong user management with 4-levels accounts type with different rights.super administrator administrator(company user)  group user  individual user. This type of level has very good privilege management. The super administrator or superior account can limit some operations for the inferior account. The super administrator can define the allowed added-in numbers of vehicle for each group, can define the expired time for each account;


9. Supported about 5000-10,000 vehicles.

10. Supports address translation by MAPINFO map, the address shown online will be more detailed and more clear than Google map

11. User can define many fences for one single car

12. Routine management & alert, user can preset the fixed route that the vehicle always follow, once the driver is not taking this route, it will send alarm to Center.

13. Tracking by GSM base station (LBS) manually

14. Database autobackup function.

15. Check location by Base sation code if no gps signal, Under "system", put the MCC, MNC of your country.




Requiremenst on installation

Hardware requirement

CPU: Dual-core 2.0Ghz or better

Memory: 4G or more

Hard disk: 100G space available or more

One valid domail name

One static IP address pointed to the domain



Software requirement

Suppoeted operating system( English version)

Windows2003 sever, windows 2008 sever

Java application

MySQL 5.0